Musical animated series 26 X 13'

Project in progress with scriptwriter Blandine JET and graphic designer Yann Le Gall (Les Gobelins), storyboarder for various productions in Tokyo and Paris ("I am very happy", "Yapiko productions", Lastman Series...)
Yuna, 10 years old, lives in St Malo (Brittany-FRANCE). Her little brother has a rare and incurable disease. Yuna decides that she will seek the cure in the universe. She embarked clandestinely in the caravans of the Cirque des étoiles, access to which is strictly regulated.

"The Star Circus" is a youth series that metaphorically deals with a serious subject through Yuna's unique quest. Her initiatory journey from planet to planet explores the complexity of relationships between people in a society driven by a desire for success social, frozen by the obsession with norm and gnawed away by pride and rivalries.

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