My professional skills


Song writer

Musical arranger

Orchestrator for piano, brass and woodwind

The instruments I practice

Saxophones: tenor, alto, soprane


Euphonium in Bb

Chromatic accordion, piano keys

Charango (South American guitar)

Countertenor voice

Interpreting, recording

I have my own recording studio which allows me to be very responsive when ordering. In addition, my practice of many acoustic instruments has the advantage for production of reducing both he recording time and cost of the interpretation work. This is the advantage of the "home-made": a single point of contact to simplify communication and improve mutual understanding.

Finally, the fact that I continue to perform assiduously in the field of contemporary music in France and abroad (in 2017-2018: Russia, South Korea, Israel, England, Portugal, China) gives me the advantage of hearing and working with new performers, which facilitates collaborations on specific projects.

My recording studio

Apple-MAC sous Logic Pro X

Audio card Motu Ultralite mk4

Pre-amplifier GoldMike - SPL

Monitors Tannoy active / Fostex PM0.4

2 microphones Røde NTK

Shure SM58 / Shure 55SH - Série II / microphone Schertler BP

Synthesizers: Kawai ES100 / Roland XV88 / Roland AX-1 / Rhodes 660

Saxophones: soprane Custom Yamaha / alto Selmer Super action 80 S2 / tenor Selmer Super action 80 S2

Euphonium Bb Coueson Monopole