Noz (Night)

• Feature films for TV • 95'
• 2021

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In 2000, the Erika, an oil tanker armed by Total, soiled 400 km of Brittany's coastline. Lomig Hirvoas, a very young activist, dies while planting a bomb in a petrol station, as a sign of protest. Kevin Cadou, his accomplice and friend, escaped unharmed from the attack, but has to serve several years in prison. Sixteen years after the tragedy, back in Brest, he is still in would like to reconnect with his friend's family and especially with Liza, Lomig's twin sister. He is still in love with. But during all these years, among the Hirvoas, no one has ever never mentioned "the accident". And when Kevin's road crossed that of Mael, the son As Liza's teenager, the past resurfaces and rekindles old wounds.

• Director : Soazig Daniellou
• Production : Kalanna

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