My life course

After a course of several years of classical training, I left the Regional Music Conservatory at the age of 20. with a saxophone medal and a diploma of Musical Training with honours.

I immediately became involved in a world music group and began international tours, during which I trained on stage and instrumental pluridisciplinarity as a musician. and accompanying singer. For 25 years, I alternate between different groups that I am many years.

In addition to the concerts, I join Légitime Folie, a musical and choreographic theatre company, of which I compose and perform all the stage music for about twenty years and of which I ensure the vocal direction.

I then joined the Théâtre des Tarabates, a contemporary puppet company, with which I participate in many festivals around the world. In 2017 I won in one of them the International Prize for the best stage music.

More recently, I have been composing for documentary films, short fiction films and animation films.