Théâtre des Tarabates

Composer with the Tarabates company since 2014

Alice on the road

Alice, like all the children in the world, wonders: are they the children who don't understand anything about grown-ups or the other way around? In the realm of "nonsense" we follow Alice in the inescapable metamorphosis that gathers each of us from childhood. The "wonderland" is here a metaphor of contemporary society, anchored in the register of children's play.

Excerpt from the musical

LE JARDIN PERCHÉ (The perched garden)

There is a border crossing. There is this world full of signals and codes, but it no longer speaks very well. There is this time that passes at high speed and, on the side of the road, two children with haggard eyes.... And then there is this little garden on the hill, on the edge of the big city. The little ones find themselves there, far from the clamours of the world....

Slide show of the musical comedy

PETIT MONDE (Little world)

Falling out of bed, the Child wakes up... miniature! He finds himself lost among his old toys, giants of wood and rags, clamoring around him with airs of revenge... The Child is not the first to experience this misadventure: they are already a whole small people to age alongside the damaged toys, in a rather tense climate.

Excerpt 1 from the musical

Excerpt 2 from the musical

Excerpt 3 from the musical